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What is the Best MoYu Budget Speedcubes for 2020?


Budget cubes: These are high quality speedcubes for one who is low in budget.

1. MoFang JiaoShi (Cubing Classroom) MF3RS2 ( . Also comes in white, black, or stickerless. Really smooth out of the box, and the stickerless version has a nice feel to the pieces, giving you a little bit of grip (better than the Cyclone Boys cubes, worse than carbon fiber, but good). The factory lube dries out after around 300 solves so you have quite some time to order new lube. Locks up sometimes but if you loosen the six screws (located under the center caps) it improves lock-ups and corner cutting. A bit loud but no problem. Definitely recommended.

2. MoFang JiaoShi (Cubing Classroom) MF3RS ( . A great cube, comes in two shades of stickerless, black, and white. Very cheap, same price as the Little Magic and great for force cubes. Locks up a bit but again loosening the tension improves it and corner cutting. Also offers good grip on the cube, smooth and crunchy out of the box, but paying an extra 2 or 3 dollars and getting the MF3RS2 is worth it.

Magnetic Cubes: They have magnets glued in them so prevents overshooting (turning twice when you should’ve turned once). I’ll include a cheap one and two expensive ones. Some cubes can be magnetized by manually gluing magnets in them by yourself though.

1. MoYu Weilong GTS3 M. Comes in stickerless. A great cube, used to be my main. It also has ridges surrounding each piece, offering a better grip on the cube. Comes with tools to adjust the cube to your preferred feel. Also comes with a stand for display. A really fast cube and with a crunchy feel, but is quite pricey at $34.99. The MoYu brand is one of the top speedcube brands, though, so I wouldn’t worry about that.



That’s about it, if anyone else suggests anything I can add it in.


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