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What is the Steampunk Art Model Kit? | Moyustore

What is the Steampunk Art Model Kit? | Moyustore


1. What is steampunk

Steampunk is a composite noun, which is a combination of steam and punk. Steam is the core element of steampunk. The word steam developed with the first industrial revolution, while punk is a non-mainstream fringe culture. , Writing in street language is a style, and its significance lies in the style independence of the subject matter. To put it simply, the steampunk worldview is a utopian ideal that the backward and the advanced coexist, the coexistence of magic and science, and the spiritual pursuit. Most of the works that describe steampunk are in Victorian England. Now, with the development of steampunk, steampunk has developed into an independent genre and is accepted by more and more people.

2. What is steampunk art

Steampunk art starts from literature, and it is the result of the collision between current thinking and technology and past thinking and technology. In 1980, steampunk was officially established as a specific art form. Radiation has affected many art design fields such as contemporary movies, animation, games, clothing, etc., and collided with various fields of the art world. The product. For example, the comics of Hayao Miyazaki, a well-known Japanese cartoonist, are deeply influenced by steampunk art. Steampunk art is aesthetic and decorative, generally more expensive, and is mainly seen in decorations, sculptures, cartoons, animations, etc. in daily life. When William Gibson and Bruce Sterling wrote the steampunk bible, it certainly didn't occur to them that so many people would love the art style in future generations.

3. What is a steampunk assembly model?

If you're eager to learn more about steampunk style, steampunk art or steampunk movies, check out our blog. If you're looking for some amazing steampunk gadgets, check out our pick of the best you can buy today!

(1)Steampunk Deep-sea Anglerfish 


(2) Blue Whale Animal Metal Steampunk


(3)Steampunk Mechanical Metal Purple Spider 3D Sculpture


(4)Green Mantis Steampunk Bug Assembly Model Kit


(5)Purple Blue Metal Ground Beetle Steampunk Assembled Model


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