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What Is The "Steampunk" That Fascinated Hayao Miyazaki and Katsuhiro Otomo?

What Is The "Steampunk" That Fascinated Hayao Miyazaki and Katsuhiro Otomo?

Mention the word "steampunk"
A lot of people may feel a little niche
However, in the field of Western science fiction and concept design
"Steampunk" is the absolute mainstream
Many world-famous film, animation, design masters
They are all loyal fans of "Steampunk"
Personal peak works are more deeply influenced by this style.

Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki

Works can be described as household names and world-renowned

In addition to conveying the constant theme -

Innocence, nature and peace

"Steampunk" is also a deep complex that runs through many of his works.


The shadow of "Steampunk" has been vaguely seen in "Nausicaa"

The airship and suspended city Laputa in "City in the Sky" are very stylish.

A giant castle with a magical and mechanical feel in Howl's Moving Castle.


Katsuhiro Otomo, an animation master known for his gorgeous runaway and independent spirit

The love for "steampunk" is even more pronounced

Anyone who has seen his work,

will be amazed at the level of sophistication of its mechanical and environmental design drafts,

It's not like the comics of the last century,

Rather, it is some kind of prophecy with advanced consciousness.

The dystopian steampunk style in Streets of Cannons.

"Steamboy" is known as "Steampunk" that cannot be more pure.

The world of steampunk

There is always a sharp contrast between advanced technology and old productivity

What exactly is "Steampunk"?

Why are these big artists obsessed with this?

Let's get up together today!


what is steampunk

"Steampunk" is a sci-fi genre popular in the 1980s and early 1990s, used to highlight those early technologies of the Industrial Revolution. Taking the steam era as the background, a surreal technological world is built, which infinitely expands the power of steam, and virtualizes an era in which steam power is supreme.

This compound word is

Composed of "steam" and "punk"

"Steam" represents a specific era and a specific level of technology corresponding to it. Throughout history, the most developed region and era of the steam industry is the Victorian era in the 19th century. During the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901, it was the peak of the British Empire. The gears of the Industrial Revolution were rumbling, steam as the main source of power rapidly promoted the development of science and technology, and all kinds of weird theories and inventions emerged one after another. It was an era of advocating luxury, and the complicated machines had the most fashionable forms. At that time, people were elegant, romantic and full of infinite imagination.

The spiritual essence of "punk" is to oppose all rules except punk, reject the same, oppose the tradition, and advocate the unconventional. Punk originated from the streets of the United Kingdom, which was in a recession after World War II. It aims to transcend the norms of society and create its own unique spiritual utopia.


Typical steampunk outfit

 Combining these two irrelevant words, steampunk is a unique sci-fi style: the use of nineteenth century technology to realize the products of contemporary science in the twenty-first century and the fact that Contrast and contrast bring shocking power.


The core charm of steampunk romantic feelings

Technology brings a better future

 The era of steampunk is filled with romantic optimism. The development of industry has liberated the labor force to a certain extent, the development of natural science has broken superstition and religious authoritarianism, culture has gradually become enlightened, and people are full of curiosity about the world.


A more typical steampunk worldview,

Includes retro ornate city, airship and steam engine

The game "Mechanical City" is set in the background of the ruins of the apocalypse,but it has a different kind of romantic feeling, which can be called a masterpiece.

A comparison needs to be made here. Cyberpunk is also an overhead theme. If steampunk is the past and future tense, then cyberpunk is the present and future tense. The overall style.

Typical representative products of the two factions: Wall-E and Eva


Nostalgic Retro Aesthetic

Contemporary Victorian style

 In remembrance of the splendor of the lost Victorian era, this new art is mostly steam-powered industrial era style, showing a world parallel to 19th century Britain.

The Victorian town featured in Howl's Moving Castle

Steampunk has an overhead world view, but it absorbs the costume elements of the Victorian era, and the characters in many works will also have the popular character of that era.

The iconic beak mask in steampunk, from the 17th century Roman

Plague Doctor Dr. Schnabel

Victorian aristocratic costumes

The aesthetic taste of mechanical ornaments and retro clothing

The design of the sedan in the movie "The Soldier",

It is decorated with exaggerated Baroque reliefs.


Magic and technology coexist

Shows a wider imaginary world than logic

 The famous British writer Clark once put forward: any very advanced technology, at first glance, is no different from magic. The settings of many early sci-fi works do not have much rational logic in line with reality, especially in the romantic world of steampunk. There are often literary works that add a series of magical elements to the steampunk worldview.

Howl's Moving Castle builds a world where magic and technology coexist

Advanced and backward coexist. Some were in airships, others in carriages.

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