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What's 3D Metal Puzzle Toys? | Moyustore

Metal assembled toys refer to toys made of metal components built by assemblers, especially suitable for the construction of metal mechanical shapes. Suitable for boys over 5 years old, especially 7-16 years old, it is an educational toy that improves hands-on ability, cultivates creativity and spatial imagination.

Different from common paper models, plastic models, and wooden models, this model has sharp edges and corners, full of three-dimensional effect, and the whole is very textured.
The purchased toys are divided into two parts, one is the basic "building material" with the calculated size of the hollow metal sheet, and the other is the exquisite vise and other tools. Its assembly process does not need to use glue to paste, directly use metal buckle points to splicing, and the flat metal raw material becomes a three-dimensional model! This process has exercised the ability of spatial thinking, which makes people feel particularly fulfilled.

The metal assembly model is generally made of brass or stainless steel. The model assembled by metal splicing is called a metal assembly model. Compared with traditional paper, wood and plastic material models, the metal material has strong stability, rich and delicate textures, and the finished product is more delicate. Common metal assembly models include architectural models, military models, musical instrument models, etc., as well as different levels of difficulty. The metal assembly model is the most high-end assembly model at present, and it is also the type of assembly model most sought after by players.

Metal parts are part of the finished metal model. The metal parts are initially located on the sheet metal parts. Each sheet metal part is arranged with several to dozens of metal parts, and each metal part is assembled. Individual part numbers can be found in the instruction manual or part schematic. The finished model is made by referring to the assembly instructions, after cutting out the metal parts on the metal plate according to the drawing steps, and then assembling them step by step.
At the beginning of 1911, the famous American inventor Gilbert was on his way to New York by train. He saw a group of assemblers placing the transmission tower and riveting various steel beams on the transmission tower. The idea of ​​inventing a construction toy originated from Born here. One night, he and his wife cut cardboard to a certain scale into parts, then assembled them properly like steel beams, and a realistic architectural model was born. Gilbert then threw himself into the development of this toy. The metal building toys that swept the United States and even the European continent were born. Almost all men have assembled this toy by hand.

What is an assembled model?
The assembled model is based on the model. If the model is an object made in proportion to the shape and structure of the real object, then the biggest difference between the assembled model and the model is that the assembled model is in a certain order and technical requirements. The model is assembled by connecting or fixing various parts (components) together. This process is completed by the players themselves. Players can experience the fun of doing it themselves and using their brains during the assembly process.

Features of Metal Assembled Models
1. High-end realistic
The biggest feature of the metal assembled model is that it is high-grade, realistic, durable, and highly playable. The metal assembly model is made of stainless steel or brass metal material. Compared with traditional paper, wood and plastic material models, the metal material has strong stability and high precision. Due to its material stability, the assembled parts are also more precise, precise and delicate. In terms of surface treatment, the metal material can be processed through multiple processes, and the texture is also richer and more delicate. Compared with other material models on the market, metal assembled models generally have a stronger three-dimensional sense, higher fidelity, and longer preservation in terms of overall structure and detailed performance. The metal assembly model has a natural metal texture and an attractive luster that other material models cannot match.

2. Strong playability
The metal assembly model is directly promoted from a simple one-dimensional space to a four-dimensional space. Compared with the one-dimensional to three-dimensional paper printing model, and the two-dimensional to three-dimensional model of wood carving and plastic injection molding, the metal assembly model is more playable and assembled. More fun, more suitable for player-level model enthusiasts to assemble. The metal assembled model has stronger performance in details, such as: bricks and tiles on buildings, tire patterns on cars, and strings on musical instruments can all generate a strong three-dimensional effect through laser technology. This is the general paper printing, wood carving, plastic What cannot be done by injection molding, these near-perfect realistic three-dimensional senses can make players have a strong sense of fun and achievement in the assembly process. They are real player-level assembly models, not small toys.

3, save more lasting
The metal material has strong stability, and will not deform naturally under natural conditions without external force, and its state remains stable. Metal models made of brass and stainless iron generally do not fade in dry and noisy weather at room temperature, and the color was once new. The emergence of metal assembled models has overcome many problems such as easy deformation and poor structure of paper models, fading of wooden models and few lines, and poor stability and easy aging of plastic models.

4. Originally designed and developed by toy designers, each product can be assembled with more than ten or even dozens of models with different shapes according to the guide album. Compared with traditional similar products with only one or several shapes, it has more better spelling and stronger intellectual development.

5. In order to allow children to gradually adapt to the product, the product modeling structure starts from a simple one, and then gradually increases the difficulty. And inspire children to design, transform and innovate themselves.

6. The styling styles are more varied. The traditional metal assembly is basically all vehicles, airplanes, etc., and the animal modeling is creatively integrated into it, which is unique!

how to play
The cool-looking metal building toys are basically composed of nuts, screws and metal connectors. The basic tools are screwdrivers and wrenches. Built by assemblers. It is especially suitable for the construction of metal mechanical modeling, such as various vehicles, aircraft and architectural models.

What tools should be used for metal jigsaw assembly?
The assembly of metal puzzles is difficult to complete with bare hands, and it needs some tools to complete. Tools mainly include tweezers, needle-nose pliers, cutting pliers, glue, etc., which are mainly used for clamping, bending, cutting, repairing, etc.
The choice of tools depends on the specific situation of the assembler. For example, if you just want to try to play a simple puzzle, the focus is on experience, and the regularity of the finished product is not too demanding, then a tweezer is enough in most cases.

If the assembler has great interest in this kind of puzzle and plans to assemble 5, 6, or even more, hoping that the assembly process will be smoother, and the finished model will be more regular after completion, then more complete tools should be used. Assist to complete the assembly.

The following is a brief introduction to the four tools that are used more in assembly. It should be noted that, under normal circumstances, the tools referred to here may be different from the tools that are often used in many households, although the names generally sound the same.

【1】Tweezers are used to hold parts and bend parts.

[2] Needle-nose pliers are used to hold parts and bend parts. The frequency of use is lower than that of tweezers. However, in some cases, it can do things that are difficult for tweezers to do. Sometimes it may be necessary to use both tweezers and needle-nose pliers.

[3] Diagonal nail clippers are used to cut the connection point between the parts and the metal plate to remove the parts. As a special reminder, we recommend not using or using this tool as little as possible, because cutting will produce sharp metal stubble.

[4] 502 glue is a spare part. Metal jigsaws belong to snap connections and are not used for normal assembly. If the parts are broken during the assembly process, or the parts feel loose after installation, you can use glue to fix them.

This metal assembled model is a creative product. It can be displayed at home to add home art, and can also be used as a gift for relatives and friends. At present, the metal assembly model products sold on the market involve different types of construction, military, musical instruments, etc. The metal assembly model manufacturers around the world are also relatively rare and belong to a relatively trendy product category. The metal assembly model has its unique advantages in terms of product detail performance, simulation degree, glossy texture, and preservation and collection. Assembly is divided into difficulty levels. It is a process of manual, brain, hand and brain coordination, and it is extremely playable.
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