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What's the best Rubik's cube to buy in 2020?


The cubes listed below are the best currently available in the 2020. Any of these choices will be excellent for beginners and professional cubers alike. I encourage you to choose the one which attracts you the most because the personal preference is the most important.

If you are a beginner then I welcome you to the cubing world… Below are the tickets for a ride, pick yours and enjoy

1. MoYu WeiLong GTS3 M (link :


MoYu is one of the most recognizable names in the speedcubing world and for a good reason. They made some of the best speedcubes that ever hit the marketplace and are always there to innovate.

The WeiLong GTS model 3 is fairly new but it brought a lot of new features. It is a successor to the well known and reviewed below MoYu WeiLong GTS2. The GTS3 is definitely one of the best 3×3’s ever made and the only thing I think that some people will not like are the outer ridges on its edges. These ridges are there to improve the grip and they help when you are doing extremely fast executions but some people just may not like them.

Another innovation they brought to the table is an adjustable spring system which is separated from adjusting the screws so that you have way more customization options. I love this because when combining this method with the lube you can really personalize the puzzle.

Just like its predecessor, the GTS3 has unparallel speed and now even more than before but this is not something that the beginners will fully enjoy. Luckily the cube comes in the magnetic version which I absolutely recommend and it can easily be adjusted to offer more control.

I don’t know if I would recommend the GTS3 for an absolute beginner because it is a bit costly and it is very fast. The magnets help a lot with the control but still for the beginners it is probably best to go with the non-magnetic cubes at first.

The MoYu Weilong GTS3 has an amazing corner and reverse corner cutting. This is not a cube that will let you down and the solving is effortless.

Turning: Fast and light turning, Corner cutting: Unnoticeable, Control: Enough control, Catching: Very Rare, SpeedSolving: Excellent

2. MoYu WeiLong GTS V2 (link:


MoYu is one of the biggest speedcubes brands today and the GTS V2 is still known as their prime model. It is used by many world class cubers and was used for few world breaking results.

MoYu WeiLong GTS V2 has unparalleled turning speed and it goes to the point of being too fast out of the box for beginner cubers because of the lack of the stability but with the proper lube, you can get more control out of it. Cubers who love speed can appreciate the WeiLong GTS V2.

GTS V2 has excellent corner cutting which in most cases you won’t even feel and the effortless turning will have you solving without getting your hands tired.

The cubes size is 55.5mm making it more compact and making it a good choice if you have smaller hands.

There is also a magnetic version of this cube GTS M2 and this cube was used by SeungBeom Cho to break the world record for a single solve of 4.59 seconds. The GTS M2 combines its speed with magnetic control so it is no wonder it was used to get the best single solve.

Turning: Fast and light turning, Corner cutting: Unnoticeable, Control: Enough control, Catching: Very Rare, SpeedSolving: Excellent

3. GAN 356 Air SM


GAN 356 Air SM is much quieter and smoother when comparing to other top speed cubes available today and it is the best cube from the 356 production line. Its core and corner piece design has influenced a lot of recent cubes on the market.

It is a magnetic cube which gives you more control and reduces overshooting to minimum even if you are a rough cuber.

It used to hold the third fastest single solve by Feliks Zemdegs of 4.73s and currently holds the world average of 5.80s also by Feliks.

This cube is more expensive than other quality cubes but it justifies its price with the innovative design, installed magnets and absolute best materials.

The cube is light and that’s where its name comes from “Air” but this is not necessarily a good thing. Think if you would want a light cube or not.

GAN 356 Air SM is still definitely one of the best cubes existing today.

Turning: Fast with enough smoothness, Corner cutting: Unnoticeable, Control: Enough control, Catching: Extremely Rare, SpeedSolving: Excellent

4. GAN 354 M


Gan 354 M is a fairly new cube from the GAN production. Now, this is a 3×3 that many people love while some people would rather stick with the GAN 356 Air SM. Which is totally fine as the 354M has its advantages over the 356 Air SM and disadvantages.

First off the Gan 354 M is one of the smallest cubes you can find today at 54mm which is a big difference when compared to the 56mm of the Gan Air. This is something that the people with smaller hands will love because it really sits well and can give you great control. Also, it is great for one-handed solving too.

The cube comes with the installed magnets but the GAN always loves to innovate so they introduced the visible magnets. I think that this is great because it really gives the personality to the puzzle but some people find the visible magnets distracting when solving it so depending on how much details you notice in the speed of the moment you may not like it.

The 354 M is a little bit more wobbly and less stable which can mess up your algorithm execution but this is not going to happen once you tension it to your liking and once you go through the period of adaptation to this cube.

The corner cutting is excellent as in the 356 Air SM. The speed is phenomenal but this also makes it less controllable. Magnets will help with the control but you will need to find the lube or a combination of them along with the tensioning in order to make it work for you.

Overall this is a phenomenal cube just like GAN Air SM and especially for the people who are looking for a smaller and more compact cube but it will take a bit of adapting to it from your side.

Turning: Fast with some smoothness, Corner cutting: Unnoticeable, Control: Enough control, Catching: Extremely Rare, SpeedSolving: Excellent

5. Valk 3


Valk 3 is manufactured by QiYi and carries the name of one of the best speedoslvers, Mats Valk, and he used this cube to set the pervious world record of 4.74s. This cube also held the 3rd fastest single solve of 4.69s by Patrick Ponce.

Valk3 is a speedcube which has a great balance of speed and stability. Making it a great choice for a beginner. This cube is accompanied by multiple guides about solving the cube by Mats Valk and these guides are available through QR codes in the cubes package. This makes it a perfect gift for someone who is a beginner and also if you are a beginner.

This cube has a smaller size than the standard with its 55.5mm sides.

Turning: Fast with some smoothness, Corner cutting: Somewhat noticeable, Control: Enough control, Catching: Not very often, SpeedSolving: Very Good

6. GuoGuan YueXiao (link:


Moyu Guoguan Yuexiao 3x3 Black Magic Cube 3x3x3 Speed Cube Puzzle GuoGuan is a division of MoYu and the YueXiao is their first cube. This 3×3 is very fast but it gives you a good amount of control over the cube providing you with a slight smoothness between the layers.

It used to be generally considered as the best cube for the money until Weilong GTS V2 and M2 but it is still highly appreciated cube loved by many.

If you are a rough and fast cuber the GuoGuan YueXiao tends to overshoot and misalign because of the lack of control.

The YueXiao gives out a bit of a loose feeling and it has a clicky sound which comes from corner cutting. However, corner cutting will usually not interfere with your solving other than the sound of it.

This cube offers a very unique feel to it and it is definitely worth having.

Turning: Fast with some smoothness, Corner cutting: Somewhat noticeable, Control: Enough control, Catching: Not very often, SpeedSolving: Very Good

7. Shengshou FangYuan

Shengshou is a brand that used to produce mediocre but very cheap puzzles with old technology so the 3×3 puzzle FangYuan was a bit of a surprise coming from them. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

This is a very good cube for its price. The Shengshou FangYuan provides a cuber with smooth and controllable speedsolving with the loss at a speed. This may be a great cube for a beginner because of additional control.

However, this cube also has its downsides. FangYuan will require some tensioning right out of the box and you may need to do it multiple times until you get it right.

Althou, providing you with great control this cube overdoes it and in my opinion, it takes away too much speed for the control provided. But this problem can be solved if you use some lube to increase the speed.

Turning: Smooth, Corner cutting: Noticeable, Control: Great, Catching: Often, SpeedSolving: Good

8. QiYi Thunderclap V1


QiYi is one of those brands that are trying to lower the price for the value of the product which is something I like. This is an affordable cube with a very good performance for the money.

Thunderclap V1 has very fast turning speed but it also has smooth turning feel which turned out to be a great mix in this speedcube. The cube will give you enough control while also providing you with excellent speed.

This is one of the best speed cubes for those looking to up their game from something like an old rubiks cube into something for speedsolving.

QiYi Thunderclap is used by many big cubers as their main and it is a cube everyone can appreciate.

Some downsides of this cube are catching that occurs due to noticeable corner cutting and the loud clicky sound.

Turning: Smooth, Corner cutting: Noticeable, Control: Great, Catching: Often, SpeedSolving: Good

9. QiYi Warrior W


I love this cube from QiYi because of its affordability and good value for its price. This is one of the best ultra-budget cubes.

This may be a best speedcube for a beginner if he is not looking into spending more. However, generally cubes are not expensive and you shouldn’t pick this one solely because of its price If you don’t like its features.

Warrior W doesn’t feel cheap and it has a unique stickerless color scheme with matte texture on the pieces which is the reason why many cubers have one of these in their collection.

The turning of this cube is smooth enough to give you control over it but it is also quite fast making it a great budget cube for speedsolving.

The cube is however not very stable and this makes it somewhat wobbly which can lead to catching and poorly executed algorithms. However, this is not going to happen unless you go beast mode on it.

Corner cutting is pretty good and it won’t be often that you fail an algorithm because of it.

Overall for a budget cube the QiYi Warrior W does more than what you pay for which is great for beginners.

Turning: Fast with some smoothness, Corner cutting: Somewhat Noticeable, Control: Great, Catching: Often, SpeedSolving: Very Good

(this article is written by Anshul Singh Chauhan)

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