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Best Metal Puzzles Buying Guide

We want the best for our kids or adults, and for doing that, we research everything about the product before buying it. The same goes for the case of metal puzzles kits. You would not want to buy any puzzle set that can harm your kid in any way.

If you are purchasing a 3D metal puzzle set for the first time, it can be a bit overwhelming as there are an array of products available in the market. That’s why we have curated this list of the essential things that you should consider while buying the best metal model kit for your child or someone you love.

What Are the Important Factors You Should Look For in a Metal Model Kits?


Although a lot of wood, sometimes cardboard or foam are used by the puzzle manufactuers, the wooden puzzle is not durable and easy to break. the material referred get damaged easily. Hence, I recommend you choosing the 3D metal puzzles, which has a more complex design and has more posibility to remake the metal art.


While buying any metal jigsaw puzzle set, look for the age range that it has, as it would help you to get a suitable set for your kid, teens and adults. In Moyustore, you can find some 3d metal puzzle sets explicitly designed for kids that can help them identify how the insects or animals they are while building metal model kits. Moreover, you can even get metal puzzles made for teenager above the age of 12 as they are capable of building a larger and more complicated model kits. And we also have the metal puzzle for adults so that they can enjoy the challenge of building difficult puzzle kits.Hence, make sure to look for a 3d metal puzzle based on the age of the one you want to gift.


It is important to have a price range before you buy a metal puzzle set as it would help you narrow down your choices. You will find tons of sets made with good quality metal that can cost a lot. In such cases, look for sets that are budget-friendly and come with safety certificates. Such products are better to use as they meet the safety standards of the industry and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Most people have a budget to work to and thankfully Moyustore metal puzzle can be found to fit everyone's budget. Just check the price list below to find out what you are likely to get for your money:

Gifts Under $50
Gifts Under $100
Gifts Under $200
Gifts Under $250
Gifts Under $300
Gifts Under $400
Gifts Under $450
Gifts Over $500
Gifts Under $700


Number of pieces

Normally, the more pieces the metal model it has, the harder you find it to build. While buying a metal puzzle set for a kid, you would want to look for the one with fewer pieces so your kid can solve it within 60 minutes. If you get a puzzle set with more than 1,000 pieces for the adults, they will gradually love to accept the challenge as they are more patient even they would spend one hour or two to put them together. Thus, make sure to check for the number of pieces that the set has before you buy the product. You can find the number of puzzle pieces in the product description. In Moyustore you can find many metal puzzle sets come with extremely small metal pieces with listed number. In such cases, before you buy a 3d metal puzzle, make sure to read the number description of the puzzle pieces or look at the images for a better idea. It would help you to find a set that is suitable for you to put it together with no rush. Please note that we always offer extra pieces to avoid the case that you find the accessories are not enough to use. And we will send you the new one for free if the pieces are missing indeed. And a warm tip is to list all the listed bags of pieces one by one to check if there is anything missing or not when you receive the parcel at once. So you won't have to wait for the resent accessories if you have already started the building process.


The shape of the metal puzzle also plays a important role when you are looking for a suitable puzzle gifts. Most of the metal puzzles from Moyustore do not have any defined outline, and even the pieces are irregularly shaped. That means it's time-consuming to build such puzzles, even more than a week. Hence, always ensure whether the metal puzzle kit has a simple shape or not. So does the size of the metal model kits.

From Moyustore, you can choose spider, scorpion king, seahorse, fox, anglerfish, chameleon, shark, whale, dinosaur, dragon, dragonfly, mantis,beetle, mosquito, elk, bull,rabbit, mecha, excavotor, vehicles, military tanks, trains, airplane and other themes and shapes to build.


To explain how we rate puzzles: Difficulty rating 1 are the easier puzzles to do and build. Difficulty rating 5 is the most difficult to do and build.

Puzzles rated 1 or 2 may not take hours to do but there will always be some challenge involved. Don’t write off these puzzles as too easy for adults if you are the first time to build. Buy Easy Metal Puzzle.
For a puzzle to be rated a 3 or 4 it must be a little bit difficult to complete the puzzle kits. For example, a metal puzzle rated 3.5 could take an average person a couple of hours to put it together.Buy Medium 3D Metal Puzzles.
A puzzle rated a 5 we expect that most people – say 70% or so – will be hard to build the puzzle within 4 to 5 hours.Buy Difficult 3D Metal Puzzles.
How we present some of our puzzles will also have a bearing on the rating we give them. Some of our Interlocking puzzles are sold apart which adds the challenge of having to put the puzzle together without having first taken it apart.

Building Time

 It takes different time to put it together considering the building difficulty, shape and number of pieces. So before you place the order, all you need to consider how long do you accept to build a model kits. And you can also invite other people together to help build it. In most case, less piece, simplier design, less building time.


 Are 3D Metal Puzzles Any Good?

 3D metal puzzles allow us to create a 3-dimensional structure, which make them an ideal activity to do as a family and it is proven to have very positive effects on social relationships. Depending on the number of pieces, they are indicated for different age groups and different levels of difficulty.

1. They're made of tougher stuff

You can't get a higher quality puzzle than a puzzle made of metal. Our puzzles have a glossy finish too, which makes them look even better!

2. Metal jigsaws make a fantastic gift

If you know someone who loves jigsaw puzzles, a metal jigsaw puzzle is a wonderful way to give them a luxury gift that you know they will love. Even those who aren't avid jigsaw puzzlers will love the high quality, heirloom element of these special metal jigsaws.

3. They can be enjoyed by all the family

From Granny to the baby of the family, every one can have a go at putting the pieces together. Jigsaw puzzling can really bring the family together and help you switch off from screen time. The quality of the pieces means that any age can easily handle them and the smaller piece count means the challenge can be taken on by almost anyone.

4. They are perfect for beginner jigsaw puzzlers and advanced puzzlers too!

metal jigsaw puzzles are usually of a smaller piece count, but that doesn't mean they're not still a challenge. However, if you're not an advanced jigsaw puzzler, you will still enjoy piecing together the beautiful metal pieces.

5. metal jigsaw puzzles last a lifetime

Designed to stand the test of time, a metal jigsaw puzzle can really last a lifetime and can be passed on to the next generation.

6. It's harder to lose the pieces

If you're a jigsaw puzzler, you will understand the frustration of losing a puzzle piece. The beauty of the metal pieces is that they won't sneak off as easily as a standard jigsaw puzzle, and you will probably be able to find it easier too!

7. You'll love the puzzling experience

From the smell of the metal pieces when you first open the bag to the beautiful design on the puzzle, there's nothing quite like taking a moment away from it all to put a few pieces together.

8. They're great for dexterity

If you struggle with dexterity or find it difficult to pick up standard jigsaw puzzle pieces, you will probably find piecing together a metal jigsaw a lot easier. The thick pieces are easier to grasp and can slide into your hand if easier.

9. Metal Jigsaw puzzles are great for mindfulness

Sometimes switching off the telly and completing a jigsaw puzzle is wonderful for the mind. By focusing on finding the pieces and getting lost in the image design, you will find yourself taking your mind off all your worries and stresses, and just relaxing for a little while.

10. They make a wonderful coffee table accessory

What a lovely way to entertain guests - by putting a 300+ piece metal jigsaw on the table. Friends and family who pop in for a natter can have a go at piecing together your beautiful metal jigsaw.

What are the health benefits of putting together a metal puzzle?

When we think of puzzles, we usually think of a hobby, a way to pass time and relax yourself. However, in addition to having fun for a while, it's true that they also have numerous health benefits. From helping children in their skills development, through improving your memory and mood, to preventing major illnesses in the elderly.


Maintains your memory for a longer period of time and expands your knowledge

The fine motor skills of the hands improve as you work with the small pieces of the puzzle and try to put them in the right place. At the same time, you develop your creative mind, memory and cognitive abilities. That’s why it’s important to start dementia prevention before the age of 50, using hand and memory games. And metal puzzles are a long-term investment and a great way to unload from the busy everyday life. You can choose different in complexity and vision and upgrade every day.

It has a calming effect If you are too enthusiastic about a particular event or nervous, this can affect concentration and adequate decision-making. People who have a hobby related to metal modeling have been shown to feel calmer because of the meditative effect it has on the mind.

Develops patience and endurance

You know that it takes some time to solve a metal puzzle, so this is a great way to fight your patience. And the sweet satisfaction of the work done creates a sense of accomplishment that will support your confidence and self-confidence instantly. metal puzzles are designed to cover the experience of beginners, intermediate and experienced. So you choose at what level to make it difficult for you. As you work it out, use different strategies, test theories, and change your mind when things don’t go right.

Improves your concentration and imagination

Apart from the beneficial effect that metal has on your condition, it also has the same effect on the environment. A number of studies show that people who solve a puzzle are more focused on the workplace and have a higher level of IQ. This is because when a person is stressed his level of productivity decreases significantly. metal puzzles, in turn, are useful for people suffering from stroke and other neural diseases. And releasing dopamine while solving a puzzle affects mood, motivation and learning. Games related to metal puzzles require a person to think critically and use his imagination in the best way. It also involves a lot of creative thinking and observation. When arranging a metal puzzle, especially if the parts are identical, it is important to concentrate on each detail. Namely, the ability to capture the small details can help us in various areas of life, especially at work.

A wonderful and unforgettable gift for any occasion

If you are wondering what to give to your loved ones on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary, or without a specific occasion – the metal puzzle is an option. You can take any shape, any theme from Moyustore according to the recipient’s preferences. This is a gift that will survive for a long time, you will put it in the closet and after a while you will take it out to order again.

Our advice is to carefully choose the metal puzzles you buy to choose the best quality, well-designed and durable. Keep using metal puzzles, increasing their complexity, carry them everywhere so you can use them whenever you can.

Finally, we remind you that we have launched our metal Animal Puzzles Collection and our insect Collection, which you will love.

Do you want to know more about Moyustore and our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest? Would you like to talk about a specific topic? Do you want to ask me anything? Email us at, I'll be happy to read you.

What are you waiting for to start assembling a metal puzzle? Get your favorite one now.

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