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Why Moyucube Dual-adjustment System is so Important?

Why Moyucube Dual-adjustment System is so Important?


Do you know which Moyu cubes have used dual-adjustment system?

(1)Weilong WR M 2020

(2)RS3M 2020


(3)Meilong M series Cubes
MFJS RS3M 2020 + Meilong M Series 4pcs Speed Cube Set-Stickerless

(4)Weilong GTS 3
YJ8240 MoYu Weilong GTS 3x3x3 Magic Cube

The central axis of the traditional Rubik’s Cube is composed of ordinary screws, springs, washers, and the center block and shaft. The defect is that the elasticity and wheelbase cannot be adjusted independently. Increasing the elasticity will cause the Rubik’s Cube to be tight and affect the fault tolerance; adjusting the elasticity will cause the Rubik’s Cube to become loose , easy to fall apart.

The dual adjustment system can adjust the elasticity and wheelbase independently, without affecting the tightness of the Rubik's Cube, that is, the elasticity can be adjusted at will without changing the wheelbase.

The dual adjustment system consists of two-stage screws, elastic adjustment nuts, dual-adjustment wrenches and spring washers. The wrench is a combination of a screw adjusting wrench and a nut adjusting wrench.

we can take Weilong GTS cube as an example. Ad you can see its accessories list:

Weilong GTS dual-adjustment system can be regarded as an enhanced package of Weilong GTS. Weilong gts is the first "gts" level Rubik's Cube in the Moyu series, which means the best version of Weilong Rubik's Cube. The performance is indeed powerful and popular. This version also released an enhanced package-dual adjustment system.

What is the usage of a dual-adjustment system? What is the power of the Rubik's Cube after adding the dual adjustment system? Next let us enter the evaluation.

1. Parts list: The dual adjustment system, as the name suggests, means that the elasticity and wheelbase of the Rubik's Cube can be adjusted separately.
The dual adjustment system is equipped with two adjustment wrenches: nut adjustment wrench (adjusting elasticity) and screw adjustment (adjusting wheelbase) wrench.

2. It also comes with 7 adjusting nuts, 7 dual-adjusting screws, 7 springs, and 7 washers. The more one of the three is used as a backup, which is very user-friendly.

3. Finally, there is an axis and center block.
(It is worth mentioning that the color of the Rubik's Cube will be synchronized with the background color of the Rubik's Cube, which is also very intimate)

Three, installation:

First install the screw adjustment wrench, then take out the shaft, and install the center block and screws one by one. When the screws are rotated until the threads are invisible, you will find that the cube is very loose.

Tighten each side about 1~2 turns, the Rubik’s Cube will not turn corners (don’t think that the Rubik’s Cube is too loose and tighten it as hard as you can, after all, the spring has not been installed)

Then put on the washers and springs. At this time, remember to be careful. If the parts are dropped, it will be difficult to find. A backup). I tighten the nuts on each side 5 turns.

At this time, the Rubik's Cube will feel very stable and feel very soft. If you feel that the wheelbase needs to be adjusted, the dual adjustment plates should be superimposed together. The nut adjustment wrench can tightly fasten the nut, so that the nut will not rotate with the rotation of the screw. It is recommended that when adjusting the screw at this time, only adjust 1/4 turn to 1/2 turn each time.
(Ps: The above debugging is a personal debugging process, if you have better debugging suggestions, you can leave a comment  and share it with the cuber friends)

What should I do if I feel that it feels normal after debugging? A certain summary will be mentioned at the end.

Four, contrast:

Compared with the original Weilong GTS, under the same wheelbase, the stability of the Rubik's Cube has been improved, the Rubik's Cube has become slippery, and the hand feel has become softer.

It is worth mentioning that the M layer has become smoother. The feel of the Rubik's Cube does not change with the change of the wheelbase. This is where the dual tone is powerful.

In other respects, the installation of the dual tone makes the Weilong GTS, which was difficult to turn, completely unable to turn. The fault tolerance is similar to the original. In terms of weight, I have read a post before saying that the weight has not become heavier, but has become lighter. This is also very good.

Five, summary:

After installing the dual-tuning system, the Weilong GTS  has indeed become more powerful, you can quickly start to make your Weilong GTS more powerful.
As debugging becomes more difficult, you must be patient during the debugging process.

The most important thing must be put at the end: if you feel that the adjusted Weilong GTS feels very ordinary, you can remove the adjusting nut and re-adjust, so the first step of screw adjustment must be adjusted and be very patient (I am also adjusting The hand feel is still very ordinary after two times, and a good hand feel was only called out for the third time).

In short, remember two points:

1. The previous screw adjustment must be adjusted properly and synchronized. When adjusting the screw, the screw wrench must be perpendicular to the screw, and a little effort must be used, otherwise it will slip easily and the screw will be ground.

2. Be patient, be patient, be patient. 

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