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#BuildHappy : Kevin Johnson


I loved building models as a kid. My friends and I would build military boats, then put glue on them, place them in water and light them on fire as if they’d been involved in a battle.


Later, I graduated from building plastic movie monster models, automobiles, and spacecraft. I envisioned a day in the future, when models would be made from metal, like the Bullmark metal Godzilla-related figures from the 1970’s.


My thinking about metal models was influenced as I gained experience working with wood, metal, and stone. In addition, before I went off for 11-years of schooling, I worked under a master goldsmith. Back then, in my early 20's, I drew images of wing-like mobiles that could be created by hand-fabricating aluminum. But that form of construction was too labor intensive, until the advent of 3-D printers. Now metal-spraying printers are becoming more affordable, and in the future, I will acquire one and build mobiles as a hobby. Those youthful ideas never left my mind, decades later.


In addition, my wife and I love steampunk and the old wild west, which, unknown to most individuals, were closely entwined time-wise. Steampunk arose as a tribute to the inventor Jules Verne who wrote: “Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” and other fantasy tales that incorporated wild-looking submarines and other mechanical gadgetry.


I am a medical doctor and so is my wife; together we are opening a clinic in Scottsdale, AZ wherein we've begun to populate the interior spaces with rough-hewn mesquite and redwood furniture that we're making ourselves. We added copper water fountains sourced from a local artisan and will add mineral specimens— we both love to mine for them in Arizona— paintings, and the metal steampunk insects for the amusement of our patients.

We are creating an unusual, home-like environment in our clinic; nothing white and sterile-looking is allowed.


Your Moyu Store is very clever and is creating models that are very detailed, exquisite in appearance, and are provided with clearly written/drawn assembly instructions.  Even the packaging is reflective of minds concerned with delivering a quality experience, top to bottom.

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