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#BuildHappy : Raymond Hallbauer

#BuildHappy : Raymond Hallbauer


1. Hi Raymond, Please introduce yourself to everyone briefly! When did you start working with assembled models?

I am a retired disabled individual with degrees in Engineering, FAA licensed aircraft mechanics, a degree in jet engine propulsion systems, and finally a degree in human services. I enjoy working on mechanical puzzles since my mobility is severely impaired due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and COPD. I feel that since my body has failed me I will not allow my mind to go into disrepair.

2. It generally takes a lot of time and patience to assemble a model, not to mention the building difficulty. What motivates you to keep assembling your model for such a long time?

I usually work on these puzzles at night to prevent boredom and the complexity of the puzzles presents a challenge that I crave.

3. Can you tell us about your favorite model building style? Do you have a favorite and most satisfying work?

My favorite model is usually the one that gives me the hardest challenge, which usually is the newest one. Also, the ones that induce me to verbally express colorful terms while constructing them.

4. In a series of assembled model works, what do you value most before purchasing? Why?

I usually choose to purchase the ones that appear to be most challenging first and secondary if I am able to afford them. As a retired engineer of which I used my art of designing tools to help in assembling jet engine components and tools in examining components for their viability for reuse gave me the ability to figure out the best and more efficient way of assembly.

5. How did you solve the difficulties in the process of assembling the model?

The type of models do I wish to build in the future? If your company continues to produce the variety of ideas you so far have offered I will be content. But if you want an idea, I would be extremely pleased if your amazingly talented designers offer a dragon of both eastern and western design. Also some other animals you have started to produce i.e elephant, crocodile, Pegasis, and Gorilla.

6. Which tools would you recommend assembling? Can you share your experience with us?
I have expanded the variety of tools from combination wrenches, finer needle nose pliers, medical hemostats, and multi-bit drivers. And finally fine tweezers and sticky wax.

7. What type of model do you want to build in the future? If Moyustore called you and told you to take what you want, what would you build? why

What would I choose if I was offered something already existing in your ever-expanding repertoire? I would enjoy building those multi-colored scorpions. They might not be as challenging as some of your other ones but I am attracted to their colored design and I sometimes take a little breather between the challenging ones.

8. Seeing that many of your assembled models are insects, is it because you like insects since you were a child? Do you have some unforgettable experiences to share with us?

As a child, I explored the fields and hills of California and was always interested in the flora and fauna of my environment. But as insects were my favorite, No, I just liked your representation of them.

9. Do you have any advice for other model builders who are new to it?

The advice I would give to newcomers in these puzzles is for each individual not to attempt to do the hardest one first but build up to that level. To jump in the deep end might put one off if they find it to be too difficult.

10. What do you think of wooden assembled models and metal assembled works? What's the biggest difference do you think they have?

The difference between wood and metal puzzles is metal allows one to be more forgiving in the handling of the puzzle. Wood does not allow this.

11. After you have assembled the models, how do you generally collect and maintain these model kits? Can share some pictures?

Collecting and maintaining these puzzles after completion can be a challenge in itself and this would have to be figured out in their own situation.

13. If we wanted to invite you to give moyustore a suggestion, what would you say?

what suggestion could I give to your company? Continue what you are doing and find a way to reach out to the world and show them how unique and challenging your product can be. Maybe take some notes from any other successful international company.

14. You can leave a question.

At present, I cannot think of any question I could present. I'm just glad I discovered your company.



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